Pokémon GO mod apk no root

Hi Pokémon GO players. Mod version 1.4 for android is released.
Download the APK and patch the already installed Pokémon GO game and spoof your gps location without getting banned! + Get access to unlimited coins, Pokécoins, and candy. This Mod requires no root and is 100% free.

  • Supported Version: Android 6+
  • No root required!
  • Fully undetectable!

Download pokemongo-mod.apk 2,946KB

Pokémon GO is a game for iOS and Android smartphones developed by Niantic. The game was released in July 2016 in America, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Hong Kong and Japan. The game will think that you are in the location you entered in the spoofer app. So you can catch Pokémon, visit Gyms & Pokéstops at exotic locations while you are lazy in the seat.

The developers of Pokémon GO are not stupid. They are also aware that you can spoof your GPS location and so they have added a security. If Pokémon GO detects that you have a jailbreak or root, the game will no longer work. Therefore, you need to download an app that hides this for Pokémon GO. On iPhone, this app is called ‘ tsProtector ‘. On Android it is called ‘ Hide My Root ‘.

You can Spoof your location after you patch the game with the APK provided.